Does your 'free' DNS service come with a cost?

If you use a free DNS service (e.g. Google DNS) for DNS resolution, your network performance and customer service can suffer:

  • When your DNS requests are sent across the internet to a remote server, you suffer unwanted latency.
    Your customers' internet connections feel slow.
  • Sending too much traffic to the remote service, can cause connection limits.
    Your customers' requests timeout.
  • Many websites use the DNS resolvers' location to direct "optimised" traffic to different clients. If an offsite server is handling DNS queries for local clients, this optimisation can
    have a negative impact on your customer experience.

Deploying a local DNS server will increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Is your upstream DNS provider letting your customers down?

Using an upstream DNS service - like the one your bandwidth provider offers - means putting your business-critical decisions into the hands of a third party.

If the service is disrupted, under performs or is a security risk then you have to trust your provider to solve it quickly.

In the meantime, you have to deal with customer complaints with no meaningful solution to provide them.

Are your customers as important to your provider as they are to you?

RadioActive takes control with DNSBOX

Radio Active's Operations Manager Bill Fordred told his ApplianSys Account Manager about issues with the third party DNS provider he used to serve customers' DNS requests:

"We had an increasing number of customer complaints about slow browsing speeds - especially during peak times - when latency was high and requests were frequently dropped. There was no way of knowing which DNS servers handled customer requests."

"We simply couldn't handle all the complaints in a timely manner, and knew that trying to figure out the issue with our DNS provider - or asking them to make infrastructural changes would be a long-winded process."

So Bill deployed a DNSBOX to handle recursive DNS requests. "DNSBOX was really easy to set up and deploy," he says.

Is managing a DIY solution distracting you from your core business?

As an ISP, you want a local DNS cache, but building and maintaining your own DNS cache on a general purpose server is complex, time-consuming and risky. You may commonly experience these issues:

  • No visibility of DNS performance
  • No protection from DoS attacks - BIND has no automatic provisions for detecting attacks
  • Manually detecting and applying security patches

A DNS appliance makes your life much easier: monitor performance easily, make informed decisions about your network and automate essential security patching.

Visafone replaced Unbound with DNSBOX

As its mobile network experienced immense growth, DNS service requests to Visafone's local server started experiencing frequent timeouts, and delays in requests to public DNS.

It needed reliable, robust and highly available recursive DNS caching to serve 1,000,000 DNS clients, handling around 15,000 queries per second. To ensure that this need was met, Visafone deployed a DNSBOX230 slave in each of its 2 core network locations.

DNSBOX Product Manager Dave Gravell comments: "For Visafone, performance and cost were the key considerations in this decision. DNSBOX meets these requirements and uses UNBOUND for DNS caching to deliver much higher requests per second than BIND, more securely."

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MSTT improved performance with DNSBOX

Rural Libyan ISP, MSTT bought a DNSBOX solution to replace the free public DNS service it was using.

Average DNS service time should be less than 0.03s - but in MSTT's case, it was much higher - at peak times reaching 0.75s and causing DNS timeouts for customers.

MSTT's Network Manager Mohammed Nori said "As a growing ISP, we aim to deliver competitive services whilst keeping our existing customers satisfied. DNSBOX was surprisingly affordable, and I was already familiar with the user interface having happily used CACHEBOX."

With DNSBOX, MSTT's customers get much faster browsing, without the need for the ISP to recover the cost of expensive new infrastructure through higher prices.

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"The ApplianSys' DNSBOXes have been wonderful. I recommend them to everyone I know that has a DNS server."

Mike Neverdusky, CDE Lightband, USA

"ApplianSys maximizes Return on Investment. We are fully satisfied with the CACHEBOX and DNSBOX solution. It's the top recommended solution for any organization & ISP. Unlike other products, it offers wire speed performance."

Kamal Essalai, CEO, West Africa Telecom (AirLink sarl), Liberia

"Latency on the best VSAT is 600ms, which made Google DNS a bad choice - so a local DNS solution was best. At best, Google DNS was slow but it often dropped requests, caused long waits for our end users and lost us business. DNSBOX has made our internet services as fast as it can be."

Mohammad Nori, MSTT, Libya

"As a growing VSAT ISP, we aim to deliver competitive services whilst keeping our existing customers satisfied. DNSBOX has made our internet services as fast as it can be."

Mohammad Nori, MSTT, Libya


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